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100% Us

Burgerz The Hague, Scheveningen and Hofhouse has three owners; The three sisters Peerenboom:

Stevie is the creative one and creates a new and innovative burger for you to try on a monthly basis. She also takes all the photo's for Burgerz and does all the designs of the menu's. 
Joey takes up the business side of Burgerz and makes sure that everything in the company flows smoothly. She also works on the franchise formula and is crazy about administrative numbers.
Chrissy is responsible for all the staff and knows exactly how to manage a restaurant well. Hospitality lady number 1!

100% Pure 

Everything we sell at Burgerz is produced by ourselves. From the salsa's to the burgers on the buns! Every burger is a 100% pure, 100% fresh and 100% sustainable!
The 3 Burgerz ladies have spent a lot of time in finding the best meat in order to serve their guests the most beautiful meat; not only because they want the best quality; but also because they want to know where the meat comes from and how the animals are been treated. 

" We take it as a challenge to create classic and innovative burgers from the freshest and purest ingredients...... We use no binding or coloring agents, manage the entire production process and can guarantee the highest possible quality and freshness."

100% Sustainable

You've probably heard of it before; The Dutch Weed Burger... Did you know that we co-created this burger together with writer and vegan Lisette Kreischer and moviemaker Mark Kulsdom?We are really proud of our beautiful meat on our burgerz but; we also believe in a great vegan kitchen!
The Dutch Weed Burger is based on a combination of soy and seaweed. It is not a substitute or alternative for meat because this burger doesn't let itself compare to anything else!
The burger is a 100% vegetarian, vegan, kosher and halal. Our contribution to a more sustainable world without missing out on flavour and nutrition! 

100% Funky

Who doesn't like a classic American diner? Give it a funky twist and there you have it; Burgerz; The best burgerz for the chicken, veggie, lamb and beef lovers!
Next to our burgerz we serve ice-cold craft beers, delicious wine, old fashioned milkshakes and to top it off; we place funky music
Ps; Have you ever taken a good look at our graffiti wall? You will find a mix of references to local landmarks and highlights combined with American 70's icons. Painted by "Kwasten met gasten" Watch the video here, it is fun!

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